Friday, November 6, 2009

8 years ago today

I lost a very special lady in my life. Eight years ago today my grandmother Madeline Rose Ninni passed away from emphysema. It was eight years ago today that I sat in her bedroom and watch her slip further and further away from she was preparing to get ready to live with the angels. Eight years later and she is still my Guardian angel. Eight years later I still feel her presents and still carry the memories. Eight years ago today she was called to God to help him to bring me my daughter I have today. She will forever be...the Greatest Grandmother in the world!

Monday, November 2, 2009

A little girl home with flying pigs

October 26th was Madeline's last cheerleading game. All the girls did wonderful! We came home and to my surprise Madeline said her throat felt wiggly. I gave her some children's motrin and she went in and watched TV. Within seconds she was sound asleep. She woke up around dinner time. She didn't eat much and then she got ready for her bath. She often wants to play in the bath,but this time she wanted to wash and get out. She washed and after that I washed her hair. I got her out and dried and dressed. She had a little snack,brushed her teeth and went to bed. She was in bed for the rest of the night. The next morning the alarm goes off at 6:30AM. I go to get my son up and I hear Madeline's TV go on. So with her being up that early,I thought she must have slept good last night. I go and get my son on the bus and come back from inside to get Madeline up and ready for school. I go in her room to get her. I see her bright red faced,glassy eyes and coughing. I check her temp and it's 101.5. I tell her...well no school today you don't look good. I thought I should call the doctors office,but by that time she looked and sound okay. She was okay all day and being her own hyper self and then after dinner she looked and felt bad again. So I decide I'm taking her to the doctors on Tuesday. On Tuesday we see the doctor and to our surprise Miss Madeline has the H1N1 virus. The doctor said to keep her home until Monday. Thursday comes along and Madeline's crying because her lips hurt. I look at her mouth and I see what I think is a cold sore. So I told her to put some chapstick on. Later on I'm checking this cold sore out and it look horrible!! Friday morning...already! I check her cold sore and now there are little yellow looking blisters on it. As she sitting at the table eating her toast,she starts crying the inside of her mouth hurts. I walk over to the table and looked inside her mouth,she seems to have a sore in there on the roof of her mouth. So I call the doctors office,they tell me she probably has Impetigo. The nurse on the other end said they won't treat it unless it spreads. I get off the phone with them and 10 minutes later I was calling them back. It seems that what ever Madeline had on her face and in her mouth was spreading. So they tell me they'd like to see and treat it. So they make me the lasts appointment because we have to wait for my husband to get home from work. So 3:00PM rolls around and I'm going stir crazy to make sure both Madeline and Blake are ready as soon as daddy gets home. Madeline's appointment was at 3:30Pm. So as 3:30Pm rolls around and no daddy yet. He pulls up about 3 minutes after. We make it to the doctors and the doctor tells us...Madeline now has Impetigo. Well after a week of being home from school with those flying pigs and that horrible Impetigo...Madeline returned to school today. I hope those flying pigs stay away from home now.

Friday, August 28, 2009

3 days on a farm

On Aug. 22nd my husband,his family,I and the kids,set out to Ohio to experience life as a farmer. My husbands mother's aunt lives in Ohio in a farmhouse with 300 acres of land. It took 7 hours to get there but I kept busy fluffing pompoms on the long drive.We got there a little before 6:00Pm. Aunt Olga had dinner in and almost ready for us when we arrived. The dinner course was a course you'd see at a buffet,only better tasting. On the dinner menu was stuffed cabbage,turkey,mashed potatoes,broccoli,corn,cucumber salad,cranberries,red beets,and wine. Soda,water,or milk for the kids. This was pretty much what the Breakfast,lunch,and dinner menu was like the whole time we were there. OH! and the desserts and I must say they were all home baked. I ate breakfast and I'm not a breakfast eater,but who could resists blueberry and banana pancakes! The blueberries that were in the pancakes was from Aunt Olga's garden. The one day we had lunch and Aunt Olga asked if anyone wanted pickles. Madeline being the pickle head she is,said me,me!! To Madeline's surprise they were huge pickles. Madeline asked where Aunt Olga got her pickles and Aunt Olga in returned,said from my garden. It was then that my kids knew there was another way of getting food supply without going to the grocery store. My kids were amazed at the fact that Aunt Olga got her blueberries,broccoli,cucumbers,meat,and even wine the historic way. LOL!! My son who doesn't have much focus for anything,was all ears and eyes!! He loved the after dinner walks through Aunt Olga's forest to learn about the wilderness,oil wells,and the kids favorite...flint. I now know that flint was used by the Indians to make fire as this is the education I got on the 7 hour drive home from the kids. It was probably the best vacation the family has had in a long time and well worth the 7 hour drive. It was nice,not too hot or sticky. The kids got a learning experience. I just loved being able to sit back in the country and relaxing with a nice glass of wine,that was made with the grapes from Aunt Olga's very own vineyard. I must say the day we had to say goodbye to Aunt Olga and Bruno no one wanted to do. No one wanted to leave,the adults,the kids and even my 16 year old niece. As they say,all good things must come to end.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Developing discovery

So the other day my hubby,son and I were walking through Target. He was in need of new shorts because my hubby didn't like the ones he wears. So to make the hubby happy the spite the fact that it's not my hubby who is wearing them. Now I also have a 6 years daughter who was away with her nan. So we come to the little girls department. I spotted the part with the Hannah Montana and Jonas brothers undergarments. Knowing that when school starts and it's time to school shop,these are going to be on her list. Further down we spot the training bras. As nice and calm as I can,I say to hubby...look those are in our near future. BOY!!! did I ever speak too fast!! Yes!! to my surprise last night as I'm getting my 6 year old ready to settle in for the night. I notice somewhat of a change as she screaming and crying because she's not sure what's taking place. The hubby walks in to ask what's wrong. So as quiet and calm I tell him so the 6 year old,who is already not sure herself doesn't hear. I get a a typical daddy response as he says nothing and closes the door. I would say with that kind of response,he didn't want to hear that his little girl was on her way to becoming a little lady. As for me I have so many emotions going on inside of me. She is no longer the little baby girl I could fit in the palm of my hand.

Monday, August 3, 2009


Today is Aug. 3rd. My son Blake has just left for Boy Scout camp yesterday. It is his first time ever away from home, for that long without being with any family members. I was sure we'd get a phone call to pick him up last night. My husband said when he dropped him off,he looked as if he didn't want dad to leave. I must say to my surprise,no phone call. He's there until Friday day down,3 more to go. I can't wait until he comes home and tells us all about his camp trip.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Our Paper pregnancy

Chad and I decided on March 20th to add  to our family. We've been talking since last year about this new addition. It's been 5 years since our last,foster/adopt child. Our children now,that we adopted through the foster care,are 11 and 5. Blake is 11 and getting ready to attend 6th grade in Sept. We've made a lot of progress with him. We are in the processes of getting him a RX for whatever it is,he may have. He's pretty excited about us wanting another child and loves the idea,of being a big brother. I'm sure there will be some hesitation,if it is another little sister he ends up with. Madeline is now 5 and getting ready to attend Kindergarten in Sept. She also is excited about adding another child to the family. She however wants a bigger sister,she says. We might be able to pull off the sister,if it's a little sister. Both these children have a lot of potential and strength. I believe Chad and I could do a whole great of wonders,for another child in need. I haven't brought it to any of my families attention,as of yet. I'm sure I'll get the negative feed back from a lot of them. To most of them I'm a fragile delicate child with a heart condition. They tend to forget or see the strengths I have in me. I think I have a lot more strengths in me,then most of them,that have no health conditions. I just hope at the end of our paper pregnancy journey,our family is as pleased with the out come,as we will be.